How does it work?


HydroSeeding is a process in which seed and any combination of fertilizer, biostimulants, moisture retention polymers, tackifiers, and other additives are combined with water and a hydroseeding mulch to form a slurry that is sprayed onto the ground to establish vegetation and control erosion. 

Our products are all natural, non-toxic, and safe!



The key to the effectiveness of hydroseeding is the mulch that acts as the growth medium for the seed. The mulch provides moisture retention for faster germination, insulation from temperature extremes to prevent seed dormancy, and protection from erosion. 

Fertilizer and Tackifier


A high phosphorus "starter"  fertilizer is used to stimulate root growth. A product called tackifer helps "glue" the seed to the ground so that it won't be washed away in rainy conditions, especially on hills. It also helps seal moisture into the soil. 

Hydroseeding vs. sod

Better Adaptability


A primary benefit of hydroseeded lawns is that the seed blend can be customized for various conditions. We use a drought-tolerant seed blend for our arid Colorado climate.

Greater Disease Resistance


Sod is composed of a single type of turfgrass. Any time you plant a single variety of plant, or monoculture, there is greater chance for widespread disease than when you plant a blend of multiple types of turf. We use a specialized disease-resistant blend for optimal results. 



Hydroseeding can establish a great looking lawn at a fraction of the cost of laying sod. The cost of sodding your lawn can run up to four times as much (or more) as hydroseeding, especially for large areas.

Even Distribution


A newly sodded lawn can look very good indeed. However, over time (usually within the first month), the mats of sod have a tendency to shrink, which can create gaps between the individual rows. Great care needs to be taken to avoid this as much care is needed to fix it. With hydroseeding, the entire lawn is sprayed in an even, uniform coating. No gaps, no shrinkage, no clumping, and no additional plantings. Just a beautiful, even distribution of turf for you to enjoy. 

Healthier Grass


With sod, the roots of the grass are chopped off. This, too, is a contributing factor in how well the grass will "take". Or not. But even if it does take, that does not mean it is necessarily healthy grass. Hydroseeded areas, on the other hand, work with the time-tested method of germination, where the blade grows up while the roots grow down, embedding in the soil on their own, producing vigorous, hearty grass. 

Custom Installation and Repair


Whether your lawn is completely dead or suffers from patchy areas, hydroseeding can be applied directly over the existing turf to generate an evenly blended lawn in a short amount of time. It’s not uncommon to see your new lawn popping up after only five to nine days.