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Seeding Services

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Whether your lawn is looking a little sad or just has a few bare spots, our premium lawn seeding services will not only bring it back to life but will also help to choke out broadleaf weeds, and of course that pesky crabgrass!

Premium Lawn Fertilization

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Our custom blended, professional lawn fertilization services allow you to sit back and relax. Whether you would like us to maintain your new lawn or to simply take over your existing program, we are happy to help however we can. 

Broadleaf Weed Control

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Got weeds? Not for long! Masterseed offers a wide variety of broadleaf and noxious weed control services. Treatments include both selective and non-selective treatment options specific to your unique lawn and landscape. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Tree and Shrub Care

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Trees and shrubs suffer from a wide range of pests and nutrient problems in Colorado. Whether Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) or a nutrient deficiency problem is plaguing your trees, Masterseed offers various treatments to keep your trees and shrubs healthy all season long.

Core Aeration and Soil Treatments

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Core aeration is one of the best cultivative practices that you can do for a Denver, Colorado lawn. Professional greenskeepers have been aerating since the beginning of time. Nothing replaces the benefits of a thorough core aeration.

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Pest Control

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Many homeowners struggle with lawn damaging pests in Colorado. Insect and disease activity can be very frustrating. Between Colorado's crazy weather and extreme temperature fluctuations, many pests, such as Grubs, Japanese Beetle and Winter Turf Mites, can be a serious problem for homeowners in the Denver Metro area.